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Desalination Market

Nanostone’s Desalination Technology Is

The Lowest Cost To Treat.

Expect a

Full Return On Your Investment In 2 Years

Nanostone’s novel desalination solution provides a reliable, robust treatment while significantly reducing CAPEX and OPEX, complexity, and land requirements.


Incredible Desal Performance

Nanostone’s technology runs stably at high solids loading, especially inorganics, and dosing of coagulant is well-tolerated and even improves performance.

Our solution handles harmful algal blooms effectively and removes high levels of suspended solids, SDI and dissolved organics from seawater with high reliability, enabling RO desalination systems to operate to rated capacity and planned costs over an extended life.

In fact, we have helped water plants continuously run at availabilities up to 97-98% – against the most challenging waters.

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Your plant could provide the best quality of water for your RO system with a single process.

Nanostone’s technology eliminates unnecessary processes like DAF and media filters or other pretreatment for RO systems.

It also can be easily retrofitted within your existing Polymeric UF. (And for new greenfield plant projects, it requires less construction time).

Traditional Process with Multi-Media Filtration

Traditional Process with Polymeric UF Membrane

Traditional Process with Polymeric UF Membrane

Streamlined Process by Nanostone Ceramic Membrane

Stacking Up Against
Conventional Pretreatment Methods

Nanostone’s technology operates at high flux – 3 to 6 times higher than PUF. Our ceramic membranes also see a higher recovery than polymeric MF/UF and conventional methods.

Higher Quality Water
Lower Operating Expenses

Over a 20 year period with your current UF membranes, you probably have to shut down your operations and replace your membranes at least THREE TIMES.

And every time you clean your membranes with those harsh chemicals? You’re shortening their life expectancy even more.

And every time your conventional pretreament fails due to an algae bloom? You’re shortening the lifespan of your RO membranes, too.

We Can Offer You A 20 Year Warranty

How? Our membranes are extremely robust and reliable because there are no fibers to break or repair. Nanostone Water’s ceramic membranes do not break, and they never need replacement.

Not during algae blooms. Not during oil spills.
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